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     ​​Our residential and commercial services include tree health evaluations, tree and shrub care through pruning, preservation and removal, emergency tree care and removal, replanting, bracing and cabling, aeration and insect/disease control.  We also offer tree and shrub fertilization programs designed to improve the health of your foliage through proper fertilization.  Contact Carew Tree Experts for your commercial snow plowing, yard cleaning, wood chip delivery, gutter cleaning and deer repellant application needs.

Tree Preservation – At Carew Tree Experts, we believe that one of our responsibilities is to save trees whenever possible.  We utilize many different techniques such as expert pruning, fertilizing and installing cabling and bracing to protect your trees.  Trees are one of your most valuable assets.  They help increase property value, improve air quality, provide shade from the sun and shelter from wind, and add beauty to the environment.  We want to work with you to ensure the health and safety of your landscape. 

Tree Pruning – Routine pruning is one of the most important steps in improving the health and longevity of your trees.  By removing dead or weakened limbs, your tree will become less susceptible to storm damage and undetected hazards.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding – Our crews are trained to cut and remove any tree or shrub from your property, regardless of size or location.  We have the equipment available to ensure that the trees are removed safely with minimal disturbance to the jobsite.

Emergency Tree Removal – Storms in any season may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars or other structures.  Storm damaged trees can often be hazardous to remove or trim.  Carew Tree Experts will respond quickly to safely remove the damaged tree and reduce the chance of further damage to your property.

Replanting – Dead, dying and undesirable trees must be removed for a number of reasons.  Removing these trees provides an opportunity to replant the site with a beautiful, healthy tree that can contribute to your landscape value.  We possess the knowledge and training to help you replant the right tree for your functional needs to preserve your landscape value. 

Bracing & Cabling – installing tree cabling and tree bracing systems serves to increase the longevity of your tree.  These systems are used to combat minor storm damage, uphold long, heavy limbs and support leaning trees. 

Aeration – Many of the visible problems in trees actually occur as a result of problems underground.  Visible signs of tree decline such as dead limbs, late blooms or discolored leaves are often caused by a stressed root system.  The aeration of tree roots helps relieve compacted soils and promotes the movement of oxygen to the root system, thereby improving the health of your tree.

Insect/Disease Control– Among the many factors that cause stress to your trees and shrubs, insects and diseases are two of the most threatening to the health of your foliage.  Spraying and injection treatments are effective techniques to reduce disease and control insect populations infecting your trees.  All of our applications for disease or pest control are  tailored to the specific needs of your trees and shrubs.  Some of our more common treatments include:

  • Dormant Oil Spray – This application is provided during March/April or in the Fall and controls overwintering insects and eggs
  • Fungicide Spray - This is a series of sprays to control leaf and needle diseases and is applied in April and May.
  • Foliage Spray – This material is applied during the growing season, from mid-May through early June, when insects are most active.
  • Systemic Injections – This allows insecticides, fungicides and bactericides to be injected directly into the trunk of the tree and work systematically to control and specific problem.
  • Summer Scale Spray -

Fertilization –  When a tree is deprived of essential nutrients, they become weak and susceptible to disease.  Watering and fertilization are the most important measures you can take to supplement the longevity of your landscape.   Fertilization is typically performed in the Spring and Fall.

Carew Tree Experts also offer a number of additional services, including:




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